Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zayne's Birth Story

We found out at the very end of January 2009 that we were expecting our third child. We decided early on that we would not find out the sex of the baby and wait for a surprise in the delivery room. Our due date was set for October 11th and although our little surprise tried come early at 25 weeks and then again at 34 weeks the doctors were able to stop him both times with medication. He was finally given the green light on September 20th (37 weeks). He waited one more week and we met our little boy on SEPTEMBER 28TH 2009. Early on Sept. 27th I began to have contractions. I DID NOT WANT to have baby that day. You see that day was homecoming at church and that is a Sunday I look forward to every year. I LOVE homecoming...and yes partly because of the food but hey...I'm baptist! So I was rather upset that morning as I called my mom (my husband had already left for work) and had to tell her that I needed to go to the hospital. So my mom came FLYING to my house. After all, my daughter came VERY quickly and we did NOT want to have baby at home. So we got to the hospital and my husband met us there...only to find that my contractions were slowing. THAT WAS GREAT now get me out of here and let me go get ready for CHURCH! So my mom and I leave the hospital after about and hour and my husband goes back to work. I go home and get myself and my two other children ready for church. All the while my contractions are coming back. By the time we get to church they are about 7-8 minutes apart and painful enough that I can not walk or talk through them. I sit through a wonderful church service and stay to eat. I'm REALLY starting to feel bad at this point and REALLY need to go home and rest. So I go home and lay down. The pain is getting pretty bad but not closer together. My husband comes home at 3 and we leave to do his 'second job' that we can do together. At 5pm I tell me husband that I can't take it any longer and we have to go back to the hospital. I didn't care if I had baby that day or not but they HAD to give me something for pain. Once we get to the hospital the nurse announces that I am 6cm and we will be having a baby! YAY! So I call GREAT friend of mine who planned to be at the birth and let her know. They expedite my epidural and I'm feeling AWESOME. Too awesome in fact. The epidural caused my blood pressure to drop VERY low. After 4 rounds of meds to bring it back up it was still VERY low. So a dr. came in and turned OFF my happy line (epi.) and gave me a shot of another type of medicine. Slowly my bp began to come back up and they were able to turn my happy line back on :). All the while my husband is SNORING on the couch in the room leaving Fay to help me through the pain. All I can remember from that time frame was her saying "In through your nose out through your mouth" and her using pressure to help alleviate that pain. THANKS FAY!!!! Around 12am Sept. 28th my Dr. (Dr. Laura Faruque) came in and announced that the baby's head was 'right there' and I was ready. So she got ready (and my hubby jumped up off the couch and put some gloves on because he was going to catch) and my epidural started working again...just in time I might add....and she said to push. I gave this whimpy little push and a half and out came my little surprise at 12:20am. My husband announced "It's an outtie" and our little baby boy had been born! My husband was able to help deliver him a little. He came out, or rather FELL OUT as some may put it :), a little too fast for Matt to actually be able to do very much. He was BEAUTIFUL! He weighed 6lbs and 4oz which was the smallest out of all of our children and he was 20in long.

After a rough pregnancy I was glad to finally hold 'baby no name' in my arms. We still had no idea what we would name him. Fay took pictures and held him and then she went home. My husband and I spent some time ooing and awing over him and then we rested. He is now 2 weeks 6 days old and ABSOLUTELY precious. We named him Brayden Zayne. He is not only my smallest child but he has also been my easiest child far! As for the question that EVERYONE wants to know....Yes. I said that he was our final addition. Now...I'm not so sure. I have some issues with having a fourth child BUT those issues aren't too big for God. I guess we will just have to wait and see but it isn't out of the question :)