Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just a few things about us...

I realize that I haven't kept up with this like I wanted to but life is crazy with two kids!

My hubby and I were married in 2002. We had our son in 2004 and our daughter in 2007. We are expecting our final addition this Fall. Our marriage is one based on a true love for one another. We were friends before we dated and we 'courted' for over a year before we married. He is much older than I am though NO ONE would ever guess it and EVERYONE is surprised when they find out. Our marriage is one of the strongest marriages that I have encountered. That may sound boastful but I am very PROUD of that. We struggle...EVERYONE does but our struggles seem to make our relationship better and stronger rather than tearing us apart. I can count on one hand the number of times that we have gone to bed or left the house angry at one another. We try to always work things out even if we have to walk away for awhile and attempt to reconcile later...sometimes this takes a few tries but we always work things out. We don't argue often. We respect one another. There are SOOO many people who make marriage harder than it is. I just don't get that. Our marriage has not always been this way. It has never been 'bad' but our marriage is MUCH stronger now than it has EVER been. I love my husband and respect him more than anything in this world. ALOT of people disagree with me on that but I truly believe that God meant for the spouse to come before the children. How in the world do people expect to teach their children about love THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE when they don't SHOW them by way of their actions with their spouse. That baffles me. I'm sure I'll touch on that again in future posts.

We are in the process of teaching Jordan so much about life. He is in the question stage and the questions continue to get harder. I can only pray that God gives us the right answers and then pass them on to our son who will have to choose what to do with those answers on his own one day. Our daughter is learning a ton these days. She shocks me daily with the crazy things she does that she sees one of us or Jordan do. Which brings me to another question that I will touch on in a future post. HOW do we as parents expect our children to only do as we say and not as we do. Several weeks ago in church, one of our supply pastors spoke some about parenting and asked some tough questions. I'll get into all that later but one of the questions was along the lines of, "Why do we push our kids to be on time for ball practice, school events, appts. ect. and then when it comes to church its ok to be late?" Wow! That hit me hard. We would fuss our children for not being prepared for class but then if they don't carry their BIBLE to church then we don't say very much...GOOD JOB US! Way to teach our kids about priorties huh?

Anyway, this has gotten alot deeper than I wanted for now so I'll stop but be on the lookout for more about this stuff!