Monday, May 18, 2009

Measles, Mumps, Rubella...OH MY!

I haven't made a 'big' post yet about family and such but that will come later. Right now I want to take the time to post about a HORRIFYING experience we had today. It has come time in my wonderful sons life for him to start kindergarten next Fall. I had rolled around the idea of homeschooling for awhile but have decided that I really do not have the patience OR the knowledge to do so. So today was my 5 year old sons kindergarten physical which is required along with his 'school shots'. My 19 month old daughter was also due for a check up and vaccines as well. I had the bright idea to make the appt on the same day...and now I suffer. The day went well. My son knew a few hours ahead of time where we were going and what was going to happen and other than a few little whimpers he didn't seem to mind too much. We got to the office and Jordan sailed through the eye and hearing tests, done a few jumps and kicks for the dr, and let her listen and look at whatever she needed to. Alana was great too, she let the dr do all that was needed to 'check her out' and things were going great. Then the nurse came in. I thought this was where Jordan was going to crumble but he didn't. He saw the syringes and asked what they were and talked about them and didn't seem too bothered and I was in shock. He got up on the table and laid back and was fine. I took his hands and sort of leaned on him to brace him once the actual poke happened and he was still fine...UNTIL...the nurse said "Ok Jordan, here it goes". My son went BAZEERK. It wasn't a little crying. He was able to get his hands away from me and was fighting so much that the nurse actual poked ME with the needle a little. She was able to get that one in somehow but we had THREE more to go. She had to step out of the room to ask the dr. a question about my son getting the chickenpox vaccine since I am pregnant and have never had the chickenpox. The dr. comes back in a declares that he can't get the chickenpox one but he still must get the other two...BIG MISTAKE. Jordan FREAKS out again and is kicking and screaming and going absolutely NUTS. My husband ended up laying across the top of his body while the dr. straddled the bottom half of his body and the nurse gave the next two shots. I was crying and Jordan was SCREAMING and it was absolutely HORRIBLE. I still had my 19 month old to go!!! Daddy took Jordan out of the room while the nurse gave Alana her shots and she done MUCH better than my son. She cried a little and it was over. I have NO IDEA who that little boy was on that table. I have NEVER seen him act like that before and better never see it again. I will NEVER EVER EVER go for shots at that age again. You couldn't PAY me to do it. My blood pressure was up and I was sooo stressed out. I can't believe he was able to push me off him and then need his dad and a dr to hold him down for the rest of the shots...utter disbelief.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

WHY this blog???

So this pregnancy has made me sentimental. I have this new found urge to want to keep a journal to remember things. I HATE writing so typing it is, not to mention that it is much easier to keep up with a website than a notebook. This will be REAL...nothing fake about my life. I am a sinner saved by GRACE through FAITH and I'm working on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, MY SAVIOUR, and I have a long road to go. I am a daughter, friend, sister, wife, and mother in chronological order. In LIFE I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister. Beyond that there is nothing more and I LOVE it because family is absolutely the most important thing to me. I am a homemaker NOT a housekeeper...there is a difference and I encourage you to figure it out.