Friday, November 6, 2009

Mother vs. Mommy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the word mommy. Well...MOST of the time. Are there times that I wish I could change my name and NEVER. TELL. ANYONE......MOST DEFINITELY! When I compare the word mommy to mother I remind myself that mommy is one of the BEST titles any woman can have. My heart BREAKS for the women who so long to be called that but for some reason or other they haven't been given that blessing. I pray that one day they will have that chance.

I called my mom I call her mom. I'm sure most children eventually grow out of the word mommy and take up mom but it seems that the older generation use the word Mother. All of my aunts and uncles called my grandmother Mother. I suppose it was out of respect. I NEVER want to be called that by my children. I ALWAYS want them to call me mommy or mom as an adult. Mommy just seems....warmer, more loving.
I guess its only a word. As a mommy I can't keep a clean house, I can't keep up with laundry, I always have dishes in my sink, every. single. inch. of my floor is filled with shoes or clothes or TOYS, the walls of my house are covered in finger prints or crayon, my couches have been colored on-pooped on-peed on-thrown up on-and more I'm sure. My days consist of more diaper changes than one can imagine, nursing a newborn, occupying a toddler and TRYING to take a shower....and thats all before breakfast.

As terrible as all that may sound I LOVE my title. There is so much more to it than those things but I seem to get caught up in those 'hard moments' much more than I do the easy ones. You see tonight my son told me that he sang a solo in music class today (kindergarten). I asked him what he sang and you can imagine the PURE JOY AND PRIDE that creeped across my face when he said..."My chains are gone" That is an AWESOME song by Chris Tomlin. Of course he only sang the chorus but I just wonder how many of those children might not attend church and how much good him singing that simple chorus might cause. My two year old daughter KNOWS that when we go to bed we say our prayers and that before we eat we pray. These times are soooo special to me. As much as my 5 year old and my 2 year old fight...they play and laugh and love each other more. As much as my 6 week old cries...he smiles and coos and brings joy to our lives more.

I wonder if 'mothers' keep more organized and clean houses and children. Do they live more 'respectable' lives. I just don't know. I do know that I'm happy with being mommy. Maybe one day I'll learn how to be more organized...that wouldn't be so bad. But I believe I'll keep my title the same.

At the end of the day...MOMMY I love you is the SWEETEST sound. Mother I love you just doesn't have the same ring....