Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jumparoo FUN!

Zayne LOVES his jumparoo! He loves to listen to music and jump around. For me...this is a MUST HAVE! I don't know what we did without it with Jordan and Alana!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Half a Year is gone already?????

Zayne will be 6 months old tomorrow. Wow. Thats a little hard to swallow. Its amazing to me how fast the time has gone this time. I feel like as soon as a catch up to and grab ahold of a moment it's time to start chasing the next one because they are racing by!!! Zayne is doing SO MUCH. The gamut of emotions that overwhelm me when I think about all he is doing is CRAZY! Here are some things I want to remember....

~At his last appt about a month ago he weighed 14lbs 13oz.

~His eyes are still BLUE :)

~He started rolling over ALL THE TIME before 5 months old and has been going all over the place since then.

~He 'halfway' crawls forward and can crawl backwards with the best of them.

~He started sitting up at 5 months and is getting to be a champ at it now.

~He LOVES his jumperoo. He goes CRAZY in it.

~He HATES when whatever he is chewing on gets taken away from him...serious attitude for SURE. Daddy says that comes from mommy...I disagree.

~He LOVES his mommy milk. So much so that he isn't very interested in anything else. He has had a total of about 8-10 bottles of expressed milk since he was born and doesn't really care for the bottles very much. We tried giving him rice cereal a few times but it didn't go over well so I stopped giving it to him and just went straight to food. He has had squash a few times up to this point. We'll try something new next week but it will only be a few times a week for awhile.

~His sleep pattern is TERRIBLE right now. He doesn't sleep alot AT ALL. He mostly sleeps in the bed with us because it is easier to feed him that way. I really need to stop that and SOON. VERY VERY SOON. Like a few months ago soon.

~He CONSTANTLY chews on his fingers but I feel no teeth. He never took a paci much to my dismay.

~He is still wearing size 2 diapers but we are on our last box of those and we'll be heading on up.

~He can wear 3-6 month clothes but we're close to moving on up in that area too.

~He is a VERY happy baby. He smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME.

~He will go to other people with ease. No problem getting him to stay in the nursery at church or letting other people hold him.

~He LOVES kisses and tight hugs...which is a VERY good thing otherwise he would be crying all day because he gets A TON of those between mommy and big sister.

~Jordan and Alana have adjusted very well to having him around and I LOVE seeing the bond they are creating.

I said in the beginning and I'll say it again...Zayne has been my easiest baby. He is so laid back. If his sleeping was a little better then things would be too perfect. I LOVE my 3 children and could not even begin to imagine life without them. I was scared to death of having 3 but God has shown me in the last 6 months that this is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing. I have been blessed beyond measure! We're still kind of up in the air about having a fourth child. As soon as I feel like we are done I get this little nagging feeling that maybe we should have JUST ONE MORE. Then somebody starts crying and I remember why I think I'm done :) I feel content with 3 but if for some reason God sees fit to bless us with one more then I'll be content with that too...I just hope it isn't too soon if He does!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Zayne,

Sunday March 14th 2010 was very special. That was the day that mommy and daddy made a commitment to God that we will do everything in our power to raise you according to His word and His way. We made this commitment with your brother and sister when they were babies too. We promise that we will raise you in a Godly way and teach you about how God sent his son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins and how God then raised Him from the dead so that we may live an eternal life in Heaven IF we repent and strive to live for Jesus. We will teach you how to pray. We will pray with you. We will pray for you. We will do our best to be GOOD living examples for you to follow. We will teach you right from wrong. We teach you about a love that is second to none and teach you how you can turn Jesus in every area of your life. Along with these things I promise:

you can jump in the rain puddles...sometimes I'll jump too.

I will try not to rush you when you want to show your independence.

We will use glitter, glue, paint and all things messy on occasion.

You can play in the dirt and dig for bugs and I'll TRY not to freak out when you try to taste the mud.

to NOT let you stay in your room by yourself on the phone or computer.

to give you space BUT I promise that I WILL be in your business because I love you.

to not to say "Go play" all the time but to say "Let's play" more often.

to let you help me cook and clean :)

to listen to you even when I already know what you are going to say.

to watch your eyes sparkle when you are excited.

to let you make bad choices and help you fix those bad choices.

to think twice about saying no unless it is harmful, unhealthy, or most importantly not biblical.

to tell you when you are about to make a mess but to let you make it and then to make you clean it up so you can learn about consequences.

you can play in the bathtub until your fingers and toes are all wrinkled and the water is cold if you want.

I will take the time to look at the pretty flowers or that cool 'digger' with you.

We will stop at the train tracks until the train is gone so you can watch it.

We will laugh, hug, play, and sing together.

We will take the time to look at the clouds and decide together what they look like.

We will talk about how beautiful the sky is and who made that sky.

We will sit on the floor and play with your toys...you can show me how you want me to do it.

I will let you teach me things and remember that what you teach me is just as important as some of the things I teach you.

I will watch you sleep at night and cherish those moments and burn them into my memory so that I'll never forget how wonderfully made you are.

We will focus on today and try not to worry so much about tomorrow but we will also do our best to be prepared for the future.

I promise that we will let you down and I promise that you will let us down too. But in those times we will forgive each other and move past those things because you are our son and we are your parents and the only love greater than that will come from the father above.

There are many more promises I want to make to you but you need me right now so I'll stop for now.