Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who likes to save money?!?!

A dear friend of mine has been telling me for weeks to try to lower some of our 'non-necessity' bills. Like our Satellite provider and Internet provider. I kept telling her I didn't think it would work because we were right in the middle of a two year contract with our satellite provider. Well yesterday I caved. I called them and guess what?!?! I SAVED MONEY! It was so simple and I posted it on my facebook page. I shared how I did it with a few people and guess what?!?! THEY SAVED TOO!

So here I am...I'm not going to guarantee this will work for you but its worth a shot. Between the two bills I saved my family $55 a month. What do you do? Call your provider and when the recording that asks you why you are calling comes on just say "cancel service". That should take you to a really nice person asking what they can do to help you. Tell them that you are looking at a few ways to save on your monthly bills and that this bill (whatever it may be) is one you can do without if you need to. At this point they will probably review your account and tell you what they can do for you. If they don't then you can always tell them you want to look over your choices and you will let them know what you want to do. Most likely they will offer you some sort of savings but if they don't then you should decide if you can afford to keep the service. I know there are cancellation fees but most of the time it will cost you more in the long run to keep the service. There is alot of competition out there folks...don't settle for the most expensive service. Now I'm not telling you to lie to these people. Don't do that. Just be honest with them and they will be more willing to help you out...lying never gets you anywhere and if by chance it does then it will bite you in the rear in the end.

Bottom Line....companies don't want to lose customers because we pay their bills. Most of the time they will do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer.

Now here is the catch....ok not really a catch but still...I would love to know if you do this and what happens. Just out of curiosity. If you've done it in the past let me know that too. Its almost Christmas, and our house needs every penny we can get! HAPPY BILL REDUCING!

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  1. Yeah I've done it.... been having free satellite radio for over 6 mos.... :o)